Nosy Be and islands around excursions


Since Nosy Be is known for seaside tourism, our excursions are however organized and designed in such a way as to offer our customers the authentic Nosy Be through 3 points: the Seaside, the Nature, the Culture.

Baie des Russes
Visites: fishing village, ruined landing stage, hiking
Durée: One day
Départ: Ambatoloaka
Nosy Komba
visits: Nosy Komba or the lemur island, Nosy Tanikely or the Tanikely Marine Reserve
Duration: One day
Departure: Ambatoloaka
Nosy Iranja
visits: Sugar Loaf, Small Iranja, Great Iranja, The lighthouse, the white sand tongue
Duration: One day
Departure: Ambatoloaka
Reserve of Lokobe
visits: Chameleon, Gecko Uroplatus, Boa constrictor snake, macaco lemurs
Duration: One day
Departure: From your hotel
Island tour
visits: Sacred tree, ylang-ylang distillery, Hell Vile City market, Mont passot, Andilana Beach
Duration: One day
Departure: From your hotel
Nosy Sakatia
visits: Fishing village, snorkeling, spice planting,
Duration: One day
Departure: Form your hotel
Whale and dolpin observation
visits: Many humpback whales, dolphin (Stenelle, Thursiop, humpback), green turtle
Duration: One day
Departure: Madirokely Beach
Deep sea fishing
If you are passionate about sport fishing or simply want to discover this discipline, join our big game fishing guide in Nosy Be.
Cruise by catamaran
Duration: 3 days – 2 nights
Duration: 5 days – 4 nights
Nosy Mitsio
with fast boat
visits: Nosy Tsarabanjina, Grand Mitsio, Nosy Ankarea, the 4 brothers, Nosy Fanihy
Duration: 3 days 2 nights
Departure: Nosy-Be