Incentive Travel

Need relaxation and a change of scenery while remaining in a professional setting? Want to strengthen teamwork? To stimulate oneself in the face of challenges? Want to discover Madagascar? Nosy-be and its archipelago?

Say goodbye to the boring seminar: reinvent the incentive by giving yourself an original corporate trip. Whether you are athletic, adventurous or simply curious, Nosy-Be Paradise Tours offers support in your team building process while remaining within the framework of fun and good times.

Why an incentive trip?

Everyone loves to travel. It is always a rewarding experience, one that helps strengthen the bonds between colleagues. These are moments that remain etched in our memories.

Whether your incentive management is to reward your particularly efficient colleagues or to energize your staff, Motivation comes first in the quality of the work provided by the employees of a company. Business tourism must have a long-term impact in the minds of your employees.

Incentive travel is an activity planned by a company as a bonus or gratuity to motivate employees to achieve their goals. In this way, the employee’s involvement is even greater, creating a better relationship between the people of the company.

What are incentive trips?

They include stays and seminars whose aim is to develop team cohesion and motivation, team building (sporting, cultural or artistic challenges), development stays offered to deserving teams or salespeople, intended to reward them in a atypical setting (castle, barge, foreign country, etc.) and stays offered to partners to thank them.

Entrepreneurs have found that incentive trips are effective tools for building customer loyalty, motivating the sales force, doing team building events and promoting the business. This initiative has become a powerful marketing weapon.

If the incentive trip is well organized, all the money the company invests in it will benefit it, improving the bottom line. But for this, the event must have a list of characteristics:

  • The objective to be achieved must be very clear and well defined. Strengthen motivation, loyalty to employees, suppliers or customers, create new markets, strengthen teamwork and improve the image of the company.
  • The trip must be well organized, with convenient transport, respect of timetables and quality hotels. In addition, the animation, the organization of games or activities, must aim to achieve the objectives set by the company.
  • Take advantage of the trip to train employees. There will always be free time that the participants will not know how to do. You can do activities, such as fun games. This is what we know as gamification.
  • It is the ideal context to get to know your colleagues, to strengthen relationships between people. This will allow the business to be more efficient and productive in a natural way.
  • The customers who participate will know these suppliers or service providers more personally, increasing loyalty and complicity between them.



We have a wide choice of activities on offer depending on the desire and type of clientele or what they are looking for. Indeed ; Whether you are a sportsman, an adventurer or simply curious; whether you are looking for rest or a thrill, we offer a panel of activities that are programmable according to the length of your stay.

  1. Maritime activities: Catamaran / yacht cruises, Big game fishing, Pirogue ride, Nautical rally,
  2. Land activities: Diving, Hiking, Tour of the island, visit of the parks, Golf initiation, Quad circuit, cart ride,
  3. Aerial activity: Helicopter ride.
  4. Atmosphere: Beach party, Theme evening, Barbecue, DJ evening, African percussion, Musical activity (karaoke, Malagasy instruments, Folklor), Pétanque afternoon, Casino,
  5. Workshop: Cooking battle, make your cocktails, craft basket making, basket painting;


On demand :

Privatization of place, VIP service, Diet,

Quality of our services:

Our mission is to provide a service that meets your demands and expectations. The idea is to help your business to be more efficient and productive in a natural way. by strengthening relationships between people.

We can insure up to 150 pax for an incentive.

Services included : mineral water, local transport, accommodation, full board, visitation rights

Services not included : personal extras, drinks, tips,