Isalo park


Isalo National Terrestrial Park is a unique ecological representation within the Madagascar National Park network: a ruiniform massif of continental sandstone dating from the Jurassic with its typical geomorphology and endemic rupicolous vegetation (Aloe, Euphorbia, Pachypodes, Kalanchoe …) and the specific fauna exceptional habitat (rock reptiles, the vast majority of which are endemic).
The landscapes of Isalo National Park
Eroded massif on a vast bed of grass strewn with “tapia” forest with forms of the terrain attacked by erosion.
Flora of the Isalo Reserve
400 plant species including some endemic to Madagascar such as pachypodium rosulatum, the medicinal plant Catharantus ovalis endemic to the Ihorombe region and all the Zomandao plain the Isalo palm.
Faunas of the Isalo Reserve
77 bird species, including one species endemic to Madagascar, the Benson’s Blackbird Pseudocosyphus bensoni.
39 reptiles including 2 endemic, 14 species of primates.
Location of the Park
The Isalo National Park is located 269 km from Fianarantsoa and 80 km from Ihosy, it is located in Ranohira Commune.
GPS: 22º22 ‘- 22º40’ South latitude and 45º11 ‘- 45º23’ East longitude

81,540 ha. The average length of the Park is 59 km from North to South and the average width is 22 km from East to West, the perimeter of the Park is 164 Km.
Region: Ihorombe
Ideal time for the visit
All year
Opening hours:
06:30 am to 4:30 pm (continuous time)