Marojejy Park


Specificity of the Park
World Heritage-listed Terrestrial National Park, impressive mountain range, dense low-lying rainforest habitat of Propithecus candidus or Simpona fotsy, palms and Pteridophytes, low-lying secondary forest, dense humid mountain forest, ericoid bush.
Fauna of Marojejy Park
25 species of micromammals, 11 species of lemurs, 149 species of reptiles and amphibians, 72 species of birds.
Flores of Marojejy Park
350 species of Pteridophytes, 50 species of palms.
How to get there
From Antananarivo on the RN4 and take the RN6 to Ambilobe and fork on the road to Vohémar. Road not passable during the rainy season.
Location of the Park
GPS: between 14 ° 26 ‘South latitude and 49 ° 15’ East longitude. The Marojejy National Park is located in the northeastern part of Madagascar.
65 050ha
11 streams take source inside the Park.
2 132m
Humid tropical type
Embossed forest landforms of complex shape with ridges and steep and irregular slopes.

Ideal time for the visit
All year
Opening hours:
8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Classified Integral Natural Reserve in 1952, then National Park in 1998 and World Heritage in 2007
Dominant ethnic group Tsimihety. Others: Betsimisaraka, Betsileo, Merina