Ranomafana Park


Specificity of the Park

Classified as a World Heritage Site with its dense, moist and low altitude forest (600-800m), with an average altitude between 800 to 1400m. Its bamboo forest and marsh where species of plants and animals such as Pandanus, Varecia variegata variegate, Crayfish, Limnogale Mergulus have chosen as habitat.
How to get there
By the RN7: Departure from Tana to Ambohimahasoa towards Vohiparara, paved road of 350 km, and a portion of 25 km well asphalted
By the RN 45: Crossing to Alakamisy towards Vohiparara, well asphalted road of 25 km
By the RN 25: Ranomafana-Mananjary, paved road of 138 km
Location of the Park
GPS: 47 ° 18 ‘to 47 ° 37’ east longitude and 21 ° 02 ‘to 22 ° 25’ latitude.
National Park Ranomafana is located in the southeast of Madagascar straddling the regions of Upper Matsiatra and Vatovavy Fitovinany. It is located 412 km south-east of Antananarivo, 65 km north-east of Fianarantsoa and 139 km west of the town of Mananjary.
41,601 ha
Region :
Ideal time for the visit
All year
Opening hours:
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Ranomafana National Park was officially inaugurated on May 31, 1991.
Mixed population predominantly Tanala and Betsileo
Park rich in watercourse. There are 25 in its interior. As well as three rivers, one of which feeds the hydroelectric power plant for the production of electricity.