Island Tour
(Parfum tour)

By car, Tuk tuk, Motorcycle or Quad,  Nosy be Island Tour is one of the favorite activities of visitors because it makes them discover the island in just one day. A tour of the island is the ideal time to discover the city, its people, its history and especially its culture.

Duration : One day

Departure : From your hotel

Description of circuits

Number of pax :  Customers, Guide, Driver

Vehicle type : Bus 9, 12, 25 seats Air-conditioned and spacious, Light car, Quad or Tuk Tuk

Strong point

 Total immersion in Nosybean culture
 Tasting of “rum” and discovery of the famous “essence of ylang-ylang”
Nosy-Be market (local products)
 Seen impressive 360 ° on all Nosy-be and its Archipelago, not to be missed!
 Beautiful beaches, clean and calm, perfect for relaxing and sunbathing.



  1. Island tour: Lemuria land, Hell Ville, Andilana Plage, Mont Passot (min 4 pax)
  2. Island tour: Marodoka Village, Hell Ville, Andilana Beach, Mont Passot (min 4 pax)
  3. Island tour: Lemuria land, Mont Passot
  4. Island tour: Hell-Ville, Marodoka, Nosy Be Museum, Sacred Tree Bemazava, Andilana Beach
  5. Island tour: Sacred Mahatsinjo Tree, Hell Ville Market, Andilana Plage, Mont Passot (min 4 pax)
  6. Mont Passot circuit (min 2 pax)
  7. Island tour: Sacred Tree Mahatsinjo, Ampombilava, Djabala, Andilana Beach

Marodoka Village

The first village of Nosy Be, which over the centuries has welcomed traders from India and Arabs, all attracted by the culture and historical richness of the place. This circuit allows you to soak up the Sakalava culture and discover the riches and ancestral traditions of Nosy Be.

Hell Town

Located in the south of Nosy Be, Hell-Ville is the capital of this archipelago. It is a port city. With its old cannons, the port is one of the places that gives the city its charm.

A tour of the covered market built in colonial times is compulsory to admire this population and to enjoy spices and artisanal products such as kitchen materials in wood and stone carved by hand.

Andilana Beach

With its calm and beauty, Andilana Beach is excellent for lazing around. You can admire the beauty of Nosybean art: painting on paintings, embroidery, wood carving, etc.

Mont Passot

Imagine yourself in safety at an altitude of more than 300 meters, contemplating Nosy Be and its archipelago with a 360 degree view. Even better, imagine ending your day there admiring a magnificent sunset.

Lemuria land

What makes this park so beautiful are the different types of lemurs found there, but there are also fish, crocodiles, birds, snakes, chameleons and turtles.

Visit of the ylang-ylang distillery. A tree, native to the Philippines and introduced to Nosy Be at the end of the 19th century, possessing a flower with a delicate aroma, the distillation of which produces a whole range of very high quality essences used in particular in high perfumery.


Mahatsinjo Sacred Tree

There are three sacred trees on Nosy Be, but the largest is that of Mahatsinjo. It is a historical, cultural and religious place, it is located 2.5 km south of the Hell-city capital. Its history dates back to 1837, when Queen Sakalava Tsiomeko took refuge on the side of Mahatsinjo in Nosy Be after being chased by Queen Merina Ranavalona I. The Hindu delegation that came to visit the queen gave her a gift of a Ficus Benghalensis or banyan tree, which she ordered to be planted. It has become a doany for the Sakalava, a place of worship and prayer. Today, the tree has spread over 5000 m2 developing a multitude of branches, lianas and roots.


A landscape of rice fields and plantations.


Mangrove forest, Lake called “Soldier’s Lake” which is after history is a haunted lake.

Nosy Be Museum

Opened in 2019, this museum traces the entire history of Nosy Be. There are impressive historical objects there.

Sacred tree Bemazava

The sacred forest of Bemazava, a venerated sanctuary where offerings are made in homage to ancestors.

Service inclus

Reception at the hotel
 Mineral water
 Entrance to parks.

Service non inclus

 The drinks

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