By ensuring more discovery on your trip NOSY BE PARADISE TOURS also offers you the circuit on this big island, from North to South through the visit of the various national parks existing in Madagascar, created by an association MNP; recognized by public utility and operating under the tutelage of the Ministry of the Environment, Ecology, the Sea and the Forests. However, live instantly in a natural area protected by fauna and flora.

Ranomafana Park

World Heritage Site classified as a World Heritage Site with its dense low-lying humid forest (600-800m).

Isalo Park

Isalo National Terrestrial Park is a unique ecological representation within the Madagascar National.

Montain Amber

Terrestrial National Park and Special Reserve, dense humid forest with a very high rate of endemism including thousands of species of precious wood .

Mantadia Park

Terrestrial National Park with a moist evergreen forest where species of amphibians, reptiles and lemurs have elected habitat.

Marojejy Park

World Heritage-listed Terrestrial National Park, impressive mountain range, dense low-lying rainforest habitat of Propithecus candidus or Simpona fotsy.

Zombitse park

The Zombitse Vohibasia complex is renowned for its wealth of rare bird species, endemic to Madagascar and / or the area.

Bemaraha Park

Terrestrial National Reserve World Heritage listed Tsingy landscape of different forms where lemurs, terrestrial and aquatic birds, bats, amphibians, reptiles, endemic mammals .

Ankarana park

Special Reserve, Dense Dry Forest, Tsingy and its Stand and Canyons Forest.

Ankarafantsika Park

Ankarafantsika includes a unique floristic formation on sandy mass in which are found fauna species with a very high rate of endemicity .

Andringitra park

Terrestrial National Park classified World Heritage Site, refuge of plants and animals of the forest massif of the Middle East of Madagascar.

Andohahela park

A listed World Heritage Site World Heritage Site, Andohahela represents the biological diversity of the extreme south-east of Madagascar.